Lobo and Dawg Mini Co.

Lobo and Dawg Mini Co.

Iron Studios


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Lobo and Dawg MiniCo

On the planet Czarnia, a world model of peace, where the inhabitants lived in full harmony, Lobo was born totally different, violent and uncontrollable. As an adult, he created a swarm of microscopic flying scorpions that extinguished all life on the planet, making him the last living Czarnian. A satire on the concept of the so-called \”anti-hero\”, Lobo brings all these characteristics in an exaggerated way, working as a violent, immoral and limitless bounty hunter. Despite so many defects, has a radical code of ethics and keeps his word no matter what.

Iron Studios DC Comics, Lobo and Dawg MiniCo Statue is officially licensed. Our hand-painted collectible statues and toys are the best gift for yourself or loved ones. Our action figures fit your desk or shelf.

Grow your collection with this DC Comics Collectible Toy!

Product dimensions: 6.3” Height or 160mm x 140mm
– Creation – Iron Studios
– Concept – Chiaroscuro Studios and Marcio Hum
– Made in Plastic (PVC)
– Hand painting
– Includes base display

Dimensions of the package: 210mm (A) x 160mm (L) x 100mm (P)

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