Batman Symbol Patch on Gray Cuff Beanie

Batman Symbol Patch on Gray Cuff Beanie

New Era


Gotham doesn't experience summer.

It consistently feels like winter in Gotham's perpetually chilly streets. And, if it does happen to be a season other than winter, Gothamites still suffer from the prolonged emotional chill.

Want to keep that noggin warm through falling snow, radioactive fallout, and the constant succession of funerals featuring the GCPD's fallen? Yes? Then I recommend wearing -- like, always -- our Batman Symbol Patch on Gray Cuff Beanie.

Woven in a thickly knitted acrylic, this super-soft, super-warm Batman hat features a sizable Batman patch lined in black embroidery.

From the incredibly talented and peerless hat/cap makers at 
NEW ERA, this Batman beanie for men and women also features a roll-up cuff complete with embroidered New Era symbol.

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